Sunday, August 14


After three years, I dont find the routine of packing up and leaving home for college very hard anymore. Its easy. Except this time something hit me as soon as I started the 13 hour trip from Florida to Kentucky at 6am. A foreign thought came to my mind that took me by surprise; which doesn't happen often. It was the realization that this was my last year of undergraduate college. I may not know what exactly comes next, but I do know that in less than one year, things will drastically change in my life. In a manner of speaking, I'm starting over again. Be it grad school, a job, or some other ambition, I will enter another unfamiliar environment and create new relationships, pursue new goals, and make new mistakes, while hoping to be steered in the direction of success.

Things change. People come and people go. This is the very nature of humanity as God intended. Its beautiful that the human race is such a family. Moving away and moving on doesn't mean forgetting. A human is a person because of the intrinsic value God has given them; but that person is defined by the extrinsic factors in their life. People affect people. You cannot simply isolate yourself from everyone and live in a dark corner. You MUST be in contact with other people, and they WILL affect you. It is inevitable that those who you are surrounded by will help create who you are.

It seems to me that in order for a human to develop into a person that lives wholly and fully filled, they must diversify their experiences and they must change their environment. This means that they will come and also sometimes go. What it DOES NOT mean is that they are shallow and unattached. There are, of course, extremes to this and situations where this kind of theory would be wrong. Marriage, for example, is a committment made for all of life. There is no moving on. That said, physical detachment is not spiritual detachment. Every human being lives in the very nature of God. That is a connection that nothing can take away.

I was at a church tonight and the pastor talked about compassion. Jesus had compassion on alot of people, but he never got comfortable and settled in to a specific environment. He realized the power in continually discovering and listening to humanity. Maybe I just have restless soul, but I cannot stand being in the same place all my life. That would be selfish. To not desire change because of the discomfort and energy it would take in moving on. One of Jesus' commandments was to love one another, right? I think the question to ask then is am I loving others or am I just loving them out of the comfort of routine and normality because its the easy thing to do? Its not necessarily wrong, but is it right?