Saturday, October 1

Don't Die

In the current generation, there appears to be a disconnect between success and the traditional means by which one gets there. In fact, it is quite possible that success has been redefined in itself, which is another problem entirely. However so, I find it hard to image a valid view of success so scewed that it may create the problem I intend to describe. It seems that success has been generally defined consistently (if only in principle) over the years. What I want to get at and what perturbs me the most is the scewed understanding of how this universally assented view of success is achieved. How is it that college students think that the mere fact that they are in an institution of higher learning automatically tickets them for a road of success, allowing for fun and games in the form of irresponsibility and lack of discipline in all other spectrums of their life. Heck, even academics follow this trend of apathy in many students.

Sitting around a table with three other upperclassfolk, aspects and byproducts of this issue were discussed. On a side note, it seems to me that lack of intuitive and personal disciple causes lots of other problems outside of the undergraduate realm. Anyways, I think we discovered that a well rounded person who can both benefit himself and his community is someone who is disciplined and responsible for his life. This WILL achieve success. I dont care who you are.

In my opinion, this ideal greatly manifests itself in small convictions such as going to bed at an appropriate time and waking up early and ready to attend to other disciplines such as devotion or study or reading or exercise. Thus, the first basis of a well rounded and disciplined life is sufficient and quality sleep. Another point is developing an organized and thought-through list of priorities upon which you attend to each day or maybe each week. Studying comes to mind, and not just the night before a test, but diligently during the entire school year. What else sets one up for success any greater than preparing for it before it knocks on your door? Good grades are the fruit of hard-labor. Bad grades are the fruit of laziness and an undisciplined life. Why would one even want to go to college to get bad grades? It boggles my mind. It also brings up the discipline of decision through quality discernment. Choosing fruitful labor over unfruitful pleasure can be tough, especially for those who have low standards and have a perverted list of priorities. I'm kindof judgemental, aren't I? Its TRUE. This is turning into a rant, and I need to follow my own advice and hit the bed, but I hope to post more on this issue as it leads to deeper and crucial issues. I'll give you a foretaste: obesity/lack of overall good health.

Proverbs 21:25 - "The sluggard's craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work."

Don't die.