Saturday, October 22


A while back, a huge Christian marketing novelty enabled evangelicals all over the world to be Jesus. It gave power to all who wore it. Plus, it automatically made you a 'cool' christian. Oh, and it was supposed to make you do something...besides just wear it. It was a bracelet, and it had "WWJD" on it...

What ever happend to actually acting on what the WWJD acronym meant? I don't recall that I ever knew anybody who asked WWJD? in a situation, and then actually did it. I know I didn't. Imagine you're living a great life. (I don't need to describe the things that make it great...its really not that hard to imagine.) What would Jesus do? Please don't tell me 'he would be a good steward and use wisely the things he's been blessed with.'

Lets be serious. Since when did Jesus even have a nice little home? When did he have a good paying job? When in Jesus' life was he comfortably well off? When did Jesus even show concern for his own skin? He didn't; he died...and lived three days later.

But seriously, What WOULD Jesus Do? Moreover, Who Would Jesus BE?